Anything that has been deleted from mobile will be returned in 1 minute


Anything that has been deleted from mobile will be returned in 1 minute

Hello friends and welcome to another fresh blog section of Technical Baba Nitya. Friends, this post today is going to be very beneficial for you. Because in this blog, I am going to give you some information that you can easily recover 2 year old photos, videos & audio or any data, so friends. Neither is this a lotus trick, so let’s learn how this trick works.

How to use these tricks: –

Friends, to use this trick, you have to first open the Play Store on your mobile. After opening the Play Store, you will get the option of the search bar at the top, there you have to search Data Recovery as soon as you search there. If you try all the simple applications in front, then you have to install the top-most apps in your mobile.

After the application is installed: –

Step 1. As soon as this application is installed on your mobile. So open this application in your mobile.

Step 2. After opening, if you are asked for some permission in this application, then you have to give those permissions allowed.

Step 3. Then when the application opens completely in your mobile. So there you will find 3 options 1 photo 2 videos and 3 audios.

Step 4. So whatever is deleted from your mobile, whether it is a photo, video or audio file. You have to select it.

Step 5. After that the file will be scanned easily in your mobile, so BS you have to wait for some time.

Step 6. Then very easily, whatever your photos, videos or audios have been deleted will be returned.


Friends, this application is very simple and very low MB, so I would advise you to download this application once you click on the link given below. And if you like this post, then please share this post as much as possible and follow our website and yes, please subscribe to our YouTube channel named Technical Baba. One of your writing will give us more encouragement that we will keep bringing new posts related to technology for you every day.