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Best Latest Whatsapp Trick Of 2021 You should know

Best Latest Whatsapp Trick Of 2021 You should know
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Hello guys how are you I hope all of you will be good. Friends, today we are going to tell you one such trick which will prove to be very helpful for you, this trick will save you a lot of time and will be very nice to watch as well. Friends, as you have read the title of this post, you must have understood that this trick is related to WhatsApp. Yes, friends, using this trick, you will not need to read anyone’s WhatsApp message by yourself, using this app, WhatsApp will read the message itself.

Friends, as you can see we have an android phone, friends, android phone, so nowadays everyone has friends, now we have to go to the screen of mobile phone, now you can see WhatsApp there, we got it Gotta open up, friends, sometimes it happens that a big message comes in front of us that we don’t want to read and we leave it but we want this message to be read to us, friends, that we don’t need to read is.

Friends and here we were able to listen to ourselves, friends, many questions are arising in your mind that how to do this, friends, what you have to do is to choose all this message, then at the top, you will get three points, then it Tick ​​we have to do this and have the option to copy it. Tick ​​that copy. As we tick, the popup will appear before us. Tick ​​it If it ticks, the message will start reading automatically.

So guys here you can see how it will select a message like if a popup came there and as soon as we tick it, it will start reading the message to us. So, friends, you too can do this kind of setting on your mobile and you will not need to read any WhatsApp message. You just have to copy, no matter how long the message, you can listen to it.

So friends, let me tell you this way, friends, now we tell you about the application, which you can read and listen to the message through this application through WhatsApp, so friends here a T2S application Let’s help you do it, but friends, first of all, we will tell you how to do some settings by opening the application, if you do not do the setting, you will not be able to hear the message in WhatsApp.

So, guys, you can see that if you open it, you’ll get a three-line option at the bottom, after ticking it, you’ll find the bottom three-line option again. Come and we have to go to the settings, after opening the settings there is a Hindi option to select the Hindi language, now you can see that the copy below has a copy – as soon as it ticks, it will open in our In front and there but the URL has to be copied, then select the copied text and keep running on it and the last one is to turn on one, meaning all the settings here, all of them have to be turned on. Allow and grant. After that, very easily on your mobile, if you want to copy any message in WhatsApp, you will tick the top three points, then there will be a copy option, then tick it, then a pop-up will come up Have to tick it.

So, friends, you will read automatically. So here you can see how it is read and read, even if you turn off WhatsApp, we will still read the message.

Friends, if you liked this post, then tell your friends or family people about it and share it and like it too. Friends, I have used it myself too, friends, it is absolutely free, I have not had to pay any money to use it. You have to use it whenever you want guys, I found it very good and better and you too can use it on your mobile as soon as possible so that it becomes easy for you and you don’t need to read WhatsApp.

Thank you

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