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Best mobile launcher for all android users 2021

Best mobile launcher for all android users 2021
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Friends, all of you will be putting the launcher in your mobile and if you are aware of many Android mobile launchers, then in this post of friends, I am going to tell you about such a launcher, if you find the launcher on your mobile phone. If you get this mobile launcher, you will be very much liked, friends, to install this launcher on your mobile phone, you must first take this launcher mobile app in your phone as soon as you take this launcher app in your mobile and make some settings. Will give this launcher app fully open on your mobile, so friends, let us now explain to you the whole process of how to take this launcher app on mobile and how to use it.

How to take mobile launcher apps in android mobile phone

So friends, to take this launcher in your mobile, you have to first open your mobile Google Play store, now friends, you will know how to open the Google Play store in mobile and what happens if friends Do not know if you tell us this too, Friends Play Store is the hot place on our mobile phone from where we take any app for our mobile, such as must have taken WhatsApp or Facebook from our own place in Exemple, then friends. It is expected that you might have learned about the Play Store, so let’s now tell you how to take this app from the Play Store to your mobile.

How to take any android app from the google play store

So friends, to get this mobile to your app, you have to first open the Google Play Store, as I told you, now after opening the Play Store, you will see many mobile applications, so now you have to search that app there. The app you want to take on your mobile.

How to search any android application on the google play store

So to search friends, you have to first open the search tab given above. As soon as you open that search tab, you will get the option to search there, now you can write the name of any app you want there. If you want to take Android mobile then friends, now you have to write that upper name of the launcher app which is to be taken in your mobile and the name of that launcher app is magnetic apps, you have to search by typing this name in the search tab as soon as this app If you search in the search tab, you will get a lot of apps in front of you, then you do not have to be troubled at all, the first number that has an app is to take it to your mobile.

how to use launcher apps on an android mobile phone

So friends, as soon as this app is fully installed on your mobile, you have to open this app, as soon as you open this app, you will be asked for some permissions through this app, then you have to give all permissions to this app. As soon as you give all the permissions to this app, now this app will be fully opened in your mobile and you will get an option on it, now you have to tab on the launch now as soon as you find that locker app in your mobile We will now launch the look of your mobile will change completely because all the options available in your mobile will move and your mobile will look beautiful.

So, friends, I am glad that you will like this launcher app and you will be very happy to take this launcher app on your mobile, then friends, if you liked this post, please like this post and share it with all your friends. Comment by commenting, how did you like this post, and follow us to read new posts related to similar technology. Thank you

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