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Best Solution for Android Phone Hanging Problem Trick 2021

Best Solution for Android Phone Hanging Problem Trick 2021
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What are the reasons for mobile hanging?

Friends, have you ever wondered what is the main reason for our mobile hang, Friends, in this post today, we will first talk about why our mobile phone hangs, Friends, all of you will know that when When our mobile storage becomes full or more applications are used when we use our mobile, then our mobile starts to hang, this is the main reason, but not necessarily every time there is some other reason why our Mobile hangs.

So, friends, you have understood the first reason for being mobile hangs, now you understand the reason for this, friends too many times it happens that we share some data in our mobile or we receive some data, then there are many such data at that time. There are also viruses in which the data comes in itself, which does not allow our files and folders to be reduced correctly, and due to that reason, our mobile phone hangs.

These were the two reasons that our mobile hangs, now let us give you the third reason which is the most common reason that our mobile hangs and that is the reason that the temporary files or folders are created in our mobile phones to create junk files. And sometimes some duplicate files are automatically created in our mobile phone due to which our mobile phone starts hanging.

How can you stop your phone from hanging?

So friends, till now we were talking about why our mobile phone hangs, now we will talk about how we can stop our mobile from hanging and what are the things that protect us from hanging our mobiles then friends, First of all, let us tell you that sometimes your mobile hangs due to the specification of your mobile like if your mobile has less RAM, storage capacity is less and you are putting more load in your mobile phone then for that reason Even your mobile phone hangs.

So friends, first of all, we will give you the suggestion that even if you buy a mobile phone with the same specification, but friends, according to our budget, we are not able to buy a mobile phone or better specification, then it is a different thing, Friends, let us on different topics Let’s talk friends, according to our budget, we cannot buy mobile very expensive but the option or data that we have, we can definitely control it.

So friends, if you have less storage and RAM in your mobile, then according to your need, you should put any app in your mobile that your mobile will not hang quickly. Keep at least photo videos or files in your mobile that your mobile storage Will is not full soon and your mobile will reduce in the right way.

Which Mobile does not hang?

So friends, till now we have told you why mobile phones hang and you have proven that we always buy mobile phones with good specifications.
But friends, now you must be thinking that what mobile phone should we buy which will not hang, then friends now tell you that you should buy a mobile phone which is not hanging.

So, friends, every mobile company is available in the market, you can choose any company, but in those companies, you have to keep in mind that the specification of whatever mobile you are buying, such as RAM storage should be good, then friends. Now you must be thinking that if you go to get a phone with a good specification, then you have to pay more money, then friends said that your statement is true but there is a lot of such company too which provides you a good mobile phone in less money, then if your budget is working then you can go towards those mobile phones.

So friends will now tell you about a mobile company that hangs the most and the name of this mobile company is infamous in hanging and that company and no one but Samsung was the first person who came to the world of Android phones so that all of us Aware.

Why Samsung phones hang so much?

So friends now tell you why I used to hang Samsung’s phones so much because I was saying that only old phones of Samsung used to hang and not the new phones that have come in the market of Samsung hang. So friends like all of you know that Samsung first started making Android phones and also launched very good phones in the market, but with the increasing technologies, the fashion of Samsung kept on coming to an end. And according to the specification of its phones, ever good phones came in the market and at the same time some such applications were also made which Samsung was not able to support and hence Samsung’s phones started hanging.

Friends, I hope that you have liked the information given by this post and you will be satisfied with this post, friends, if you liked this information, please like this post and follow us. Thank you

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