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Best trick how to edit your name ringtone in 1 minute

Best trick how to edit your name ringtone in 1 minute
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Hello friends, how are you all hope today that you all will be good friends, today we are going to tell you such a trick that you will be very happy to hear, and this trick will be very useful for you. Yes, friends, you can get your friends to appreciate you by using this trick. Knowing that people close to you will definitely ask you, brother, tell us how you have done it.

Friends, we all ringtone our mobile friends. Someone puts a ringtone with music on their mobile phone, someone puts a ringtone with a video, someone else. If you apply, now you can make your name ringtone in just 1 minute. Friends, if someone calls you, your name ringtone will start ringing. Friends, a ringtone in your name will be heard by your friend or family member or someone will ask you what this ringtone is calling after taking your name and will ask you how you did it and where you get it from did. Do watch our full video

So, guys, we will tell you step by step how to do it

Friends, now the question will be arising in the mind of all of you how to do this and how to make this application on your mobile phone. So first we have to go to the mobile screen and open the play store. As you can see the store has been opened and in the search engine bar, you have to set the Name Ringtone Creator, type it in the app, apart from this you can also take it in your mobile phone the app directly by tabbing on the link given below. If you want complete information about it. You have to watch our Youtube video whose video is given below.

Their app is my name ringtone app and you have to enter your name in it and you can make your ringtone very easily, friends, you don’t need to do much, tab on start there, then as soon as friend start to tab on it, there will be an add there. You have to return it, you can see that the ad is coming here, so the ad has to be cut and by ticking here create a new, ringtone list, audio cutter, create a new one and put your name in it, does Rahul please pick up the call guys As soon as I play it, Rahul will speak and the name will come, please pick up the call. If you want, you can also enter the name of the music.

Friends, if you want, you can WhatsApp or share with your friends and you can also send a ringtone with their name and they will like it. And you can also save it, friends, we will tell you a trick that if you want to copy this ringtone, you can also copy it.

Friends, if we talk about comments, very good comments are also made on this app, then friends, you have to take this app in your mobile phone and save it, and then you have to open it. Friends, you can see that I find it very good and fun to run this app. The best thing is that you can use this app absolutely free.

Friends, for running this name ringtone app you have to pay the monthly or annual fee, but the special thing about this name ringtone app is that it is absolutely free, now you will not have to pay any fee to run this app. I liked this app very much, I wish you could use it.

Friends, if you like Yag videos, then don’t forget to visit our website continuously and share it with your friends so that we keep bringing similar videos or posts for you all. Thank you.

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