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Best useful whatsapp tricks for all whatsapp users

Best useful whatsapp tricks for all whatsapp users
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Friends, we all use WhatsApp on our mobiles, but do you know that there are some great features in WhatsApp that will be very useful for you? So friends, let’s learn these great tricks of Whatsapp. Yes, friends, you are very welcome on the Technical Baba Daily Website. In today’s video, we will tell you about some such settings and features of Whatsapp that you will like very much.

So let’s get learn

So friends, first of all, let’s chat on Whatsapp which we all do with our friends. But do you know that we can change our chatting style very easily like if we have to type a bold letter then if we put a star in front of our text then the letter of our text will be very easy Will be bold? So friends, now you must be wondering if this really happens, then friends, you can try this trick on your mobile.

Best useful whatsapp tricks for all whatsapp users

So, friends, it has become a matter of the bold letters, if we have to write a word in italics then what will we do? So friends, if you want to write any of your words in italics, then you have to put a hatch in front of your word, after that you can write your words in italics very easily. Not only that, if you want to underline your word on WhatsApp. So you can do that very easily, even for that you don’t have to do anything, just remember you I have to tell you how to use the line now. Before writing any word on WhatsApp, you have to do a small line of it so that you can underline your written text very easily.

Now, friends, we talk about the second trick of Whatsapp, which is even better than this and will help you even more. Friends, it happens to us many times that we get a message from someone on WhatsApp but we do not want to read his message but sometimes it happens that we want to read his message but we do not want him to know That we have read his message. So friends, in this post today, I am going to tell you the second trick how your Whatsapp messages can be read without a blue tick. So friends, whenever you get a message on WhatsApp, you just have to do one thing, first of all, you have to put your mobile in flight mode or you can also turn off the internet of your mobile if you want. As soon as you do this, after that, you have to open that Whatsapp message. After that, you can easily read that message, without showing a blue tick.

Now friends talk about the best and best tricks. Friends, it happens to us very often that we want to find out what is the most telling thing on WhatsApp, you can find out about anyone else. What you have to do is, first of all, you have to open Whatsapp on your mobile, after that you click on the three dots given above. After that you have to try an option of Settings, then you have to open the settings. After that you will get an option of storage and data in the settings, then you have to open the storage and data. Now here you will see all the chats that you do with your friends on WhatsApp. So, friends, the top will be licked here. And the one who has more storage has the highest chatting.

So I hope that friends have liked this post and you will be satisfied with the information given to me. So friends, stay connected with us for similar and new information.

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