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How can I know my SIM card details?

How can I know my SIM card details?
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Friends, a lot of people have asked me this question, how can we get the final information of our SIM card, friends, in this post today I am going to understand your step by step how you can get all the information about your SIM card. So when we go shopping for any SIM card, then we are asked to take our SIM, our Aadhar card, PAN card, driving license, or any document and it is asked for this so that it can be proved To know what our identity is.

What happens if you take out your SIM card and put it in another phone?

So friends, now we will tell you how you can get information about your SIM card, even if it is in any phone, you can just take the information of the SIM card with the help of your mobile number, but friends to take the information of the SIM card There are two ways and in today’s post, I am going to tell you both ways.

How can I identify a phone number?

So, friends, the first way is that you can use the SIM card of any company which is also a network company, by telling it your identity, you can get the information about the SIM card. Friends, the second way is that you can use any mobile app for any SIM card information, due to which you will get the information about the SIM card, for that you will have to take a mobile app in your mobile. They tell and understand everything.

How can I get information about a mobile number?

So, friends, the first way is to explain to you how you can easily get information about a SIM in this way, friends, for this you have to first call the customer care of any company of which your SIM is or If you want, you can also go to the office of that company, after that whatever customer care you are talking to when you ask for your SIM card information, then they will ask you for your identity to verify that your identity is correct or Otherwise, you have to tell it first of all, after that you will get all the information about your sim from there.

how do I find my mobile number from my SIM card?

Now a lot of friends have also asked me that how can we find out the mobile number coming from our SIM card, then friends are a number of all network company, if you dial your SIM card which is in your mobile If you do, you will know that SIM or number is there, but to find that dialing number, you have to call 198 this number, this is the customer care number of all networks.

How can I get mobile number details online?

Now friends tell you another way, because of which you can easily get the information about your sim card, friends, for this you will first have to take an app in your mobile which will give you all the information about the sim card, then friends for that first You have to take the app and for that, you have to open the play store in your mobile and you will get a lot of apps, then you have to select the option that you get in the search option above, after that you write the name of the app on it Is and the name of that app is SIM card information, you have to search by writing so much, as soon as you search this app will appear in front of you, now you have to take this app in mobile

So, friends, I hope that you must have liked this post and after reading this post you must have understood very well how you can get information about your SIM card, so do you are satisfied with the information given by this post. So please like this post, share it with all your friends and comment on how you liked this post, and follow us for posts related to similar technology. Thank You

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