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How do I make background transparent on Android?

How do I make background transparent on Android?
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Friend wallpaper, we all use our mobile phones, someone uses nature-related mobile wallpapers, someone uses games-related mobile wallpapers, friends use different types of wallpapers, which should be something that is special today. In this post, I am going to tell you a way that is very special and special and special because friends will tell you about such amazing wallpapers that you will like to see very much on your mobile. So that you can see through your mobile, then let’s tell about it and also tell how you can take it on your mobile phone and how to set it, everything will definitely be done in this post.

How do I make the background of my phone transparent?

Friends, now you are wondering what is the most special thing about this wallpaper, the friend is the most special thing in this wallpaper, it is completely transparent as I told you that you can see through your mobile. Applications that will appear on your mobile and your mobile wallpaper will appear transparent so that you will have an advantage that if you are chatting somewhere, it happens to us very often that with whom we are chatting on mobile. And we are going somewhere on the way, what happens at that time that the way does not look good to us and we are continuing to chat on our mobile, then, in the same way, we may stumble or we may fall. In time, this wallpaper will be very useful for you because you can also chat on your mobile as well as you can see the road.

How can I make my background transparent?

So friends, now let us tell you how to make this application on your mobile, how to set this wallpaper on your mobile, and how to use it. Google Play Store has to be opened on a mobile phone. Now as soon as you open Google Play Store on your mobile phone, you will see a lot of applications there, then what you have to do, first of all, there is the option of cross-search above You have to choose as soon as you select the search bar, you will be asked the name of the application there, then you have to search by writing Transparent wallpaper there. As soon as you search by typing Transparent wallpaper, then you will come back to the first number in front of it. Now friends, as soon as you see that application, then you have to take that application on your mobile. People have downloaded that application You have to take it on your mobile.

How can I make my phone transparent?

Now friends, as soon as you take this application in your mobile phone, after that you have to open this application, open the application, here you will be asked for some permissions through this application, then you must first take all the basic permissions to this application If you want to give, then you must be wondering what permissions will be asked here, then you will be asked for permissions from very normal like microphone camera which is asked in all the applications, then once you have given all the permissions then the application is on your mobile phone. Now, as soon as the application opens completely in your mobile phone, you will get the option of a set wallpaper here, so as soon as you select the set wallpaper, this application is easily available on your mobile phone. I will set this wallpaper, after that your mobile phone will start showing complete transporter.

Is there any transparent phone?

Friends, this is a very interesting wallpaper, if you install it once on your mobile phone, then whoever will see your mobile phone once asked you, friend, where did you get this wallpaper from? Friends, this is a very interesting application and I myself I use this, that’s why I thought that you should also tell about this application through this post, friends, if you liked this application, you have liked this wallpaper, then please like this post with all your friends. Share and if you have any questions related to this post, then he will definitely ask and follow us to always read related posts related to such technology, thank you

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