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How to create DJ Mixing songs from android in 1 minute

How to create DJ Mixing songs from android in 1 minute
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Friends, there are many of us who have the audacity to listen to remix songs. But friends, there are some people who also have the guts to make remix songs. So friends, this post today is on this topic, how you can make any song mixing or remix from your mobile. Friends, there will be many people from us who will not know what are the remix songs or how are they. So friends, let us first tell you how to remix songs are.

So friends remix songs which are made by doing some remix music in original songs, we call them to remix songs and they are also very fun to listen to. So, friends, I hope that even today you will like to remix songs and you will also like to hear remix songs.

So friends, let’s first learn how you can convert any song into a remix song, that too in a minute, friends, to do all this, you will need an app in your mobile, due to which you can easily You can make a remix of the song in a minute. So friends, let’s learn how to do all this.

Follow the steps:-

Step 01:- Friends, in order to take this app on your mobile, you must first open your mobile play store.

Step 02:- As soon as the play store opens on your mobile, you have to first go to the search bar above the play store.

Step 03:- After opening the search bar, you just have to write a few words there, just like you want to write this song remix, then search it.

Step 04:- After searching, you will try a lot of apps in front of you, now you do not need to be upset at all, take the app that appears on top of you on your mobile.

After taking the app on mobile:-

Step 01:- Friends, as soon as you take this app on your mobile, first of all, you have to open this app.

Step 02:- After opening, if you are asked for some permissions in this app, then you have to give permissions.

Step 03:- After giving permissions you have to stop at the start, after that this app will open completely in front of you.

Step 04:- After opening the application you will be asked what kind of music you want to remix.

Step 05:- Friends, now you get a lot of options here, then select any kind of music you want to remix.

Step 06:- After selecting the music, but any song you want to remix inside this app.

Step 07:- After putting the song in this app, you will get the option to play at the bottom, then you have to play it.

Step 08:- Friends, as soon as you play, your songs will be remixed.

So, friends, this was away, because of which you can easily make a remix of any song in just one minute and that too from your mobile phone, friends, I hope that this trick will be liked by you all. If you all liked it then please write this post and follow us too.

Note:- Friends, I hope that before putting this trick in your mobile, you must have read it thoroughly because without reading the post properly, use this trick in your mobile, then this trick does not work. So please use this trick only after reading this post thoroughly. Thank you

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