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How to dial calls by voice in android mobile phones

How to dial calls by voice in android mobile phones
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Friends, we all make calls from our mobile, but to make any call, we have to open the dial pad of our mobile again and again and have to go to the contact list, friends, in this post today I will do one such for you I have brought a method, due to which you can easily call anyone by just speaking.

Can you voice dial on Android?

So friends, a lot of people asked this question that if we can call someone from our Android mobile by speaking, then I thought why not write this post and give this information to all of you friends, if you use your voice If you want to dial a call, then there are two ways, today I am going to tell you both ways, Friends, the first way is that you can make a call using the voice command of your mobile which happens in all of our mobiles and The second way is by taking an app in your mobile and using voice command.

How to use voice in Google Assistance

So, friends, I am telling you about the first feature which is already on our mobile, Friends, this feature is on all our mobiles, but if I tell my own experience by taking this feature, then I personally do not like it I thought that I used it quite often but once speaking 5 times it did the right thing. But still, I tell you this method.

How to use Google Assistance in Android

So friends, as I told you that this app is already on our mobile, but if you do not find it on your mobile, then you open Google Playstore on your mobile, and at the top there you will get a search option, then search bar there I have to search you, Google Assistance, after searching so much, that app will come on the first number in your mobile and it will also be shown that this app is already in your mobile.

After that, you have to open this app in your mobile, as soon as you open this app, here you will get the option of voice command, now you have to say Call Ram this Ram is an example, you can take any name instead of whom you can dial the call. To do.

How to use voice command by android app

Friends, till now we have told you the way you can use voice command using the given feature of your mobile, now you will tell us one of the best ways using which you can easily use a voice command or else You can call any of your friends using your voice, so friends, you have to take this in your mobile and how to use it, let’s tell you everything.

How to use Voice Apps in Mobile

So friends, first of all, you have to take this app in your mobile and to take it, you have to first open the Google Play Store on your mobile, as soon as you open the play store on your mobile, you will get that many options, then you will Open the search bar at the top. As soon as you open the search bar, you will be asked to search the name of any app there, then you have to write there. Call B Voice, you have to search by writing so much as soon as you search. This app will be found on the first number only, so many apps will be visible to you, but you will get that app on the top, you have to take it on your mobile.

After that friends, as soon as this app arrives on your mobile, after that you have to open this app in your mobile, before opening this app, you will be asked for some permission in this app, then you have to give these permissions completely after giving permission. This app will open on your mobile. After opening the app, you have to enable a setting here, after which you will call whatever you name after speaking the call. So, friends, you will get 3 options on the side, then you have to open those options, then you will get a set, you will be able to make voice calls, enable this setting as soon as you enable this setting, after that you do nothing. As soon as you name anyone, they will get a call.

So, friends, I hope that you have liked this post and you will be satisfied with the information given by this post, friends, if you have liked this post, please like this post and share this post with all your friends too. Thank you.

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