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How to edit videos in android mobile phones

How to edit videos in android mobile phones
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Hello friends, how are you all, today we are going to tell you that if you want to write your name in the video, friends, you can write your name on any video very easily and you can apply any text and friends You can put a photo and friends, you must have seen that the name is written on the top of a photo or any photo is engaged, friends, today I will tell you that with the help of your android phone, you can text, photo, name or from any video How to write a word

So friends, with the help of an application, I will tell you about that app, so we teach it, so friends, let us learn how to take this application in your phone, friends very easily put any video or text. So friends, as you can see that we have android phone friends, we have to go to the application first, after going to the application we have to type google play store here as if you know that after typing you Simply what to do, type the video show in the search bar above.

Friends, now you can see that we have typed the video show and we have to search here. After searching, you can see here that three applications have arrived there, friends will remember the video show like this application between this one. Have to take it in your phone, friends will work well in your phone, but friends, all three will do well, friends, this is an application of only 15 MB and it is light-mated and will work well in your phone, so I would like you in your phone Take the middle one and we tick that application and you can see that uninstall and open there are two options here, we have to go to the option because we have already taken it in your phone, friends, you can see it here Have 5 million people have taken this application in their phone, friends, these 5 million which are very high, now we talk about the rating, the rating is 4. 5 which is very good and friends are very effective and very Is a good application.

So, friends, I open it and show how it works and how you can apply photo and text, so let’s tick it on open, after ticking you can see that this application has been opened in front of us. Friends, it will be very simple, you will get it in an easy way, friends, you do not need to do much, just you have to slash once or twice completely, this application will open in front of you. After doing this the application is fully opened.

Friends, you have to type there, you can see how simple the interface is of this application. Friends, after that I tell you that you will get 6 options there video edit, slide show, shoot & video, maternal center, my studio, future app. Let me type and tell you how you can edit the video, then you will have to select any video here like I go to the video and select any video and tick the start after ticking. You can see that this video has been opened in front of us, now friends, what you have to do here is just go to the music, whatever music you like and you want to apply it, you can set that music there. Friends, you have to tap music there, if you want to remove original music, then you can add any sound by removing its sound as if you tick here remove original music, then it will be removed and any music Can be applied.

Friends, as you can select any music by going to my music and you can select any song, we have selected a song which you can see that the add will tick the music and there will be music change and there But tab on Edit, subtitle, Effect, and GIF, so now you have to tick subtitle, then friends, whatever you want to write in this video, you can easily write as if you want to tick your add subtitle. After that, friends, whatever you want to write there like we type your name and we make ok, now you can see that my name has come on the video, so friends, you want to keep your name as much time. You can keep it, and the video will play, and your name will be on it.

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