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How to get all information about Memory card

How to get all information about Memory card
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Friends, we all use SD card on mobile, we all use SD card in our mobile phone so that our memory is good and we can keep more and more data in it, so many times it happens that the memory card gets damaged. Is there a problem with the memory card or we do not know about the memory card, then in this post, in which post I will tell you a way by which you can get information about any memory card within 1 second Abdul so how that information To learn how to open that application in your mobile phone, the application I am going to tell you about and how to use this method, I am going to tell you everything in this post today, friends, as I told you? First of all, I will tell you about the application, how that application has not been on my mobile and how that application works, then let me tell you first of all.

How can I check my memory card details?

So friends, as I told you that you have to use a small application to find out about the memory card. We do not want to remove the memory card from our mobile but whenever we have to find out about the memory card, how many GB it is or how much storage it has, then we have to take the memory card out of the mobile at that time but Friends, in this post today, the method which I am going to tell you, that way you can easily find out how many GB it is without storage, without removing the memory card from the mobile, what is the storage, if it is bad then also find it If it

How can I recover my data from a memory card?

So friends, first of all, tell you how to take this application in mobile, its simple process to take the application in mobile as I told you that you have to open Google Play Store on your mobile phone first and there But you get a lot of applications, then there you also have the option of a bar at the top, so you have to open the search bar and the name of the application will be asked there, you have to write the name in the application as soon as the memory card. If you search by writing daily and memory card, then you will come across a lot of applications that are in front of you, now in the first number, you will see the application which has a good rating in which comments have been made by good people, then that application is the first one Have to take it to mobile

How do you recover data from a memory card which is not detected?

Now friends, as soon as you will take this application in mobile, you have to use how – how to open this application, understand that once the application is fully mobile, first of all when you open it, then you will have something Permission will be sought, through this application, you have to give all the first permission, just like you would in the normal application, then it will come in, then you have to give all the permission first, only then the application opens completely in your mobile Now friends, once the application has opened in your mobile,

How can I repair my memory card?

you do not have to do anything here, just select your memory card, after that how many GB it is, how much storage is there, now there is no storage, it is not flower If you know everything then friends, I hope you have liked the application, you would have liked this post, if you liked the application post, you will like the post and will comment and tell you if there are any questions related to this post and related to such technology To read the new post always follow us Thank you

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