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How to know how much MB data left in your Jio number

How to know how much MB data left in your Jio number
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Friends, these days we all use the SIM card of Jio company in our mobiles and as you all also know that Jio mobile network which is better than all other mobile network companies. Now, friends, it is known that as you all know that Jio has its own separate recharge plan. So friends, all of us also recharge our live number It makes one recharge for 1 month, and some do 3 months. So, friends, we do recharge, but when we start using our mobile data, we do not even know when our mobile data is finished and we have to regret it a lot.

So friends, in this post today, I have brought some ways for you, due to which you can easily find out how much mobile data is used on your live number and how much mobile data is left. So, friends, I am sure that you must have liked the title of this post, so let us now tell you how you can easily check your mobile data of the whole process.

So friends, to use this trick and to find out about the data you have used, it is necessary to first have the My Jio app on your mobile, now friends, you do not know what the My Jio app is, then I will tell me that My Jio App Reliance Company has its own official app, which Reliance Jio itself has launched for its customers. So friends, let us tell you how to take the My Jio App on your mobile and how to find out about your mobile data.

Follow the steps:-

Step 01:- So friends, first of all, you have to open the Play Store on your mobile.

Step 02:- After opening the Play Store, you will get a search option at the top, to top it.
Step 03:- After doing the search bar, you have to write my My Jio BS.

Step 04:- My Jio app will come in front of you as you write this, take it in your mobile.

Follow the steps:-

Step 01:- Once My Jio arrives on your mobile, you have to register and sign in first.

Step 02:- To sign in, first you have to enter your live number.

Step 03:- After entering your Jio number, you will be asked to set a password for your Jio number.

Step 04:- First of all, you have to set the password. You can log in with the password to log in.

Step 05:- After login, your live number account will open.

Step 06:- Now your mobile number will be shown below, so you have to tap on your mobile number.

Step 07:- Once you hit the mobile number, there will be an option for data usage, you have to tap on it.

Step 08:- Now friends, you can easily see how much data you have used in data usage and how much data you have left for this month.

So, friends, you can check your Jio number data very easily with the help of the My Jio app. So friends, if all of you have liked this information, then please write this post and follow us for information related to similar technology.

Note:- Friends, after reading this post, how did you feel that you have given your comments in the comments and do not use this trick without reading this post, because in this post we have told you step by step how you can check your live number data. So please read the post thoroughly before using this trick. Thank you

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