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How to Learn Computer Courses in only 15 Days

How to Learn Computer Courses in only 15 Days
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Which computer course is best for beginners?

Hello friends, how are you all today, friends, today I am going to tell you such a trick, if you do not know how to run a computer, then you can process the hardware and software of the computer in just 15 days very easily And all are absolutely free of cost? Friends and all of you very welcome our blog post.

How can I learn a computer course at home?

Friends, today I am going to tell you about this application. It has been launched through “The Skill India Scheme” in India, its aim is that every Indian should learn English. Yes, friends, today I am going to tell you about this application and before that, we tell you an important thing, so let us learn how to get this application on your phone.

How can I learn a computer course?

So, friends, you can process hardware and software very easily and you can see that we have an android phone and we have to go to the application here first, after going to the application we have to go to the google play store just like You know that we have to open google play store and we have to type in the search engine bar computer course this application name is computer course in Hindi here on computer course which is to be typed so as you can see here That we have typed this application and we have to search, after searching, you can see here that this application has come in front of us in the fastest number there.

How long does it take to learn basic computer skills?

Friends, its rating is 4. 3 Friends, now we have to type it, after typing it you can get the options of open the application friends. We have already taken this application on our phone, friends, it is only a 4 MB application. Is a good application.

What computer jobs are in demand?

Friends can see the icon of Skill India through Skill India and see some reviews of this application here, so let us open it lastly and show you here how the computer process is taught. Now we have to open it and after opening it, you can see here that this application has been opened in front of us and you do not have to do much, this is a very simple application, you will get all the information on the computer here. What is a computer and what are the full forms of a computer and if there is a lot of information here, then we have to tick this computer course.

How can I learn a computer course online?

Friends, we can see here that a lot of information has been given about the computer here, as it is written here, computer data transmission is basic as well as friends, so we have to tick computer data transmission and here You can see that here you will get a lot of basic information. And what is a computer, what is the computer’s unlock, you can read a lot of things here, you can read it and you will get a lot of information about Microsoft Word, we have to tick it, here you can see that about Microsoft I mean here you will get information from basic to basic.

How much does computer training cost?

Friends, the purpose of this application is that you will be taught computer with basic, you can see how all the information in Hindi has been given to you completely. The add is coming in the middle of it, you do not have to tick it, you can see below that about adobe photos shop and page maker and friends here information about computer hardware is given, about computer hardware from here You can know after ticking on it after you can see what the computer is, what is memory, RAM, ROM, Motherboard. Now you can see how the hardware information is being provided with the picture.

What computer skills should I learn?

Friends, you can take all this information through this application and you can process hardware and software in a very good way, friends, if you have liked this post then do not forget to share it with your friends.

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