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How to learn speak English in 10 days

How to learn speak English in 10 days
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Friends, everyone wants to speak English nowadays. Because by speaking English, people consider us more educated and we also respect them. But speaking English with friends is the biggest problem in our country. Because we do not speak and understand English well only after studying fully. But friends, in this post of today I will tell you a way in which you can learn to speak English with the help of your mobile. Yes, friends, you must be thinking that after all

How can you speak English with the help of mobile, friends, you do not have to do anything, just you have to keep the app that speaks and understands English in your mobile, due to which you will be able to speak English easily and also understand what your friend can do with you in English. Want to say

So friends, how is it all possible, let’s learn.

First of all, it is very important for you to speak English which means little words. So friends, first of all, keep a mobile dictionary with you, so that you will get a lot of help in learning small English words. Friends, speaking English is the most important thing to practice in regular English, so you should always try to

How to learn english in 10 days

Make sure to talk to people around you in English, even if it is a small word like thank you and sorry, these words are used daily in our daily life.

Now friends talk about what are the most important things for us to learn English. First of all, if you want to speak or learn English, then try to speak every word in English, which is your used in daily life. If you do this, then slowly you will start getting used to speaking English by yourself.

Friends, if you want to speak good influential English, then you must read a good English grammar book every day, because the right English grammar knowledge is very important to speak right English, if you do not have good English grammar knowledge, then you never speak right English. If you do, then you have to pay special attention to English grammar.

Friends, if you have some time, you can also join a good English speaking class so that you will be able to speak English easily because sometimes there is a need to learn English. When you do daily English conversion with people around you. So your English is even better.

Now, friends, I am going to tell you about such mobile applications, due to which you can easily learn to speak and understand English.

Follow the steps:-

Step 01:- Friends, you will get such mobile apps on your mobile.

Step 02:- For this, you have to open Google Play Store on your mobile.

Step 03:- After that, you will get a search option in your play store above.

Step 04:- Now you have to write in the search bar above, learn English, and search.

Step 05:- Now a lot of English-speaking and learning apps will be tried in front of you, which you can take on your mobile.

Friends, before taking any app into your mobile, read about it well and Understand so that you can understand everything in a good way. So I hope that you have liked reading this post of my friends, if you like it then definitely follow us.

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