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How to make your android look like ISO 14 iPhone

How to make your android look like ISO 14 iPhone
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Friends, many people have asked me this question, how can we make our Android phone look like an iPhone. Friends, there are many people who want their Android mobile to look like iPhone because all the people who use the iPhone consider them rich, so everyone wants that my mobile phone is visible and many people will cover their mobile iPhone is also used.

So friends, in this post today, we are going to tell you how you can make your Android phone look like an iPhone, Friends, for this, you have to make an app in your mobile, which will make your mobile look like an iPhone as soon as it comes in your mobile. So friends tell you how he is an app, how to take it in his mobile, how to use it.

How to change Android to iOS system

So before telling you about the friend’s app, you understand how you can do your Android system in iSO, friends, here you have to understand a small thing that if you could do your Android in iSO then If anyone could convert his Android to iSO, then friends understand that you cannot change any Android device to iSO, but with the help of the launcher you can look like iSO.

Can you make Android look like iPhone?

So, friends, you will need an app as I told you, so friends, let me tell you about that app and also tell you how to use that app in your mobile and how to take it on your mobile In order to take that app first, friends, you have to open the Play Store in your mobile.

After opening the play store, you have to do one thing, you will get the option of the search bar at the top and also open it, as soon as you open the search bar, you will be asked to write the name of the app, then you will have to write the name of that app there. Is and the name of that app is iPhone Launcher, you have to write it in the search bar. As soon as you write the name of this app, you will search a lot of mobile apps in front of you, then you have to take the number that is on your mobile-first.

how can I get iPhone features on Android?

So friends now tell you how you can take the features of the iPhone in your mobile with the help of this app, friends, as soon as this app arrives on your mobile, you have to open this app first as soon as you open this app with you. If some permissions will be asked, then in this app you have to give all the permissions as soon as you give all the permissions, this app will be fully open on your mobile, then you will get the option of the launch now as soon as you open. This app will judge the entire system of your mobile iSO and the entire system of your mobile will be judged iSO.

What can Android do that iPhone can’t 2020?

Now friends have launched their iSO in their mobiles, now it comes and this question will also be in your mind that if your Android iPhone phone will work, friends want to tell you that with the help of this launcher you can The iSO judges can show the seats of the mobile just by not bringing the system of iSO into your mobile, but still for your mind, you can take the feel of the iPhone by putting this launcher in your Android mobile.

Is an iPhone or Android better?

Now friends, the question of many people is that if an iPhone is better than an Android mobile, then friends, I want you to understand that if all the operating systems have their own features then it can never replace Android and Android iPhone cannot be replaced because both of them have different features and also have different systems, so friends now tell you what is the difference between the two.

Now friends first of all talk about Android, you can easily find anything in Android whether it is an app, file, video, audio, anything and the Android operating system is very easy, it also has a lot of features. Meet and they are more than iPhone, maybe when you use iPhone for the first time, it may be that you may not like it but iPhone also has its own separate features.

Now let’s talk about the iPhone, friends do not have many features like Android, but they have very limited and premium features and many professors use it because the security of the iPhone is very good, so the iPhone is very popular and expensive. If friends, if your budget is high and you want to take a premium feel in a mobile phone, then you can use iPhone.

So, friends, I hope that you will be satisfied with the information received from this post and now you must have understood everything about iPhone and Android and you have also understood how you can make your Android an iPhone judge, friends if this post If you like it, please like this post and share it with all your friends and follow us for new posts related to such technology. Thank you

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