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How to recover deleted mobile number in android phone

How to recover deleted mobile number in android phone
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Hello friends, how do you hope that you will be all right, friends, today I am going to tell you how to get a deleted phone number back to your phone 10 years ago, friends, sometimes it happens to us that the number or contact number by mistake Is deleted when we need to talk to that man, then we keep looking for that number in our phone and at that time we cannot find the phone number, then friends today we are going to tell you such a method which you can Or two years and 5 years ago, the old number which you accidentally deleted, you can bring back.

So, friends, let us tell you how to do it, so friends, let’s learn it, so friends, let’s learn how you can easily bring back the previously deleted number in your phone. You can see that I have an android phone and first of all we have to go to the application and we went to the simple application and you can see here that you have to type on the google play store as you know we have it on the google play store We have to do that after that, friends, we have to type in the search bar.

Friends and we have to search here, after searching, this application has come here on the first number on the friends, whose name is contact back up once we have to type on it and after typing it completely the application is in front of us. Has come and we have two options in front of uninstalling and open, so friends, we have already taken this application on our phone.

So friends, more than 1 million people have taken this application in their phones and if we talk about the rating then its rating is 4. 2 which is a very good rating and friends, we will show you some interfaces at the bottom which looks very good and can use this application in your phone and if we talk about comments then very good comments are also made on this app.

So, friends, we open the application lastly and I will tell you the method and there we have to tick open, as soon as we tick on open, you can see here that this application has opened and we said friends here It is going to select your language here and we have to select the language English and we have to tick ok, as soon as you tick it, you can see here the simple steps to backup contacts Here we are told that if you want to backup your contact, then follow the steps here.

Meaning that what we are being told here, we have to follow it, then we have to next and we have to do it again and again until we get this flower processed and here we have next What to do next is that once you have your back button on there, there is a back button, I ticked it and now this application is completely exposed to us and we will get 5 options here backup, restore, contact share, scanner, settings, and friends, what we have to do here is to back up the fust option here, and we will get 5 options on ticking here, but friends, you don’t have to do anything there. Tick ​​on the backup as soon as you tick back up and ok. So all the deleted numbers will be returned. And you can see that the number of deleted numbers on our phone was 1 year, 2 years or 10, all the numbers came very soon. So, friends, you can do this very easily.

So friends, if you liked this application, then you must tell your friends or family members and also share it.

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