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How to recover deleted videos in android mobile phone

How to recover deleted videos in android mobile phone
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Friends, many times it happens with us that an important video is deleted from our mobile and we get very upset, then friends, that is why we are going to tell you something in this post today, due to which you can use your mobile No matter how old or old the video is, you can easily bring it back to your mobile, so friends, first of all, let us first tell you what settings you have to set in your mobile-first for this video recovery.

So friends, before making any settings in mobile, you have to make an app in your mobile, due to which you can bring any old deleted photos back to mobile, so friends, let’s first tell you this That you have to take the app in your mobile and which setting you have to do.

So friends, first of all, to take this app on your mobile, you have to open the play store on your mobile as soon as you. You will open the Play Store on mobile, you will get the option of a lot of apps, then you have to first select an option given above, which is a search bar option where you can search the name of any app.

Now friends, after opening the search bar, you have to write the video recovery first, as soon as you write the video recovery there, you will have a lot of options available in front of you, so you do not need to think much but the app you see at the top Take it in your mobile.

Like you will take this app on your mobile, then after that, you have to open it in your mobile. Once you open it on your mobile, then you will be asked for some permissions, then you have to allow all the permissions as soon as Once you give all permission, this app will open on your mobile.

As soon as this app opens on your mobile, then you have to do one thing first, in this app, first all, you have to do some settings. After opening it, you will get an option to enable deleted video recovery, after that, you will be asked how many days you want to recover Puran deleted videos.

So friends, now you have to see how old your video has been deleted, according to that you have to choose your time, then you will get an option to start scanning as soon as you start scanning, then all your videos are automatic on your mobile. I will start to come now, friends, you have to wait for some time as soon as the time is spent, you will try all the videos before you, now you have to select the video that you want to recover.

Now friends very easily, you can easily recover any deleted video that you want from your mobile, so friends, I am glad that you may have liked this method and would have liked to read this post. If you liked this post, then you have liked this trick, please like this post and do not forget to follow us at all.

Note:- Friends, I hope that you have read this post well and have understood everything well because in this post we have told you step by step how you can easily delete any deleted video. You can bring it back to your mobile, so friends, after reading this post well, use this method only. Thank you

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