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How to scan QR from mobile

How to scan QR from mobile
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Hello friends, how are you all, today we are going to tell you a trick that you will be surprised to know, friends, I am going to tell you how to scan the Qr code. Friends, now you can scan Qr code on your mobile very easily. His friends today, I will tell you a way that you can very easily create any product Qr scan code from your mobile friends. If you want, you can scan the Qr code, then friends, and let me tell you what is QR.

Friends, you probably do not know about this and the question that arises in your mind will be how to do it. But all the quality products that friends have, there is a code on it which we call Qr code, there is a special machine for it, by scanning this code, to find out the quality and price of that product. So, friends, today we will tell you a way that by scanning the Qr code in your mobile phone and the quality of any goods, its price, mobile bill, or the online transaction can be done. Friends, from this application, we can make bill payments for any product, friends, if we do not want anyone to know about this QR code scan. And we can tell you about it whenever we want.

So, friends, now we will tell you how to do this, so let’s learn friends, we can very easily scan the Qr code of any product in your mobile phone as you can see that We have an android phone so friends, first of all, we have to go to the application, now this application is open in front of us, now we have to open google play store and we have to type Qr codes in the search engine bar, friends, this application name is Qr. The code that I type in front of you guys, now we have to search it, after searching friends, you can see that this application has arrived at the first number of seconds, I tab the Qr & barcode scanner and after tabbing You can see this application here that there are two options here to save which can be taken in your mobile phone.

Friends, you can see here, there is a 4.4 rating, which is a very good rating, friends, you can see every kind of application below, what kind of interface it has been given, friends, let’s now open this application, friends, you see now Can say that the Qr scanner has started, now we can scan the Qr code of any stuff here.

Friends, if you go to any shopping mall, then whatever you buy there, whether you buy clothes or food items or more, etc. He scans the Qr Code one by one, first of all, the items, and then removes his bill. So friends, this Qr code scan is very good, friends, if you do not have any information about the quality of the goods and are not able to buy any right goods in the market, but still you sell all the goods, but you can buy this product. Can not detect quality. So friends, with the help of your mobile phone, you can easily find out about the quality of all your products, its price, where you have said this item and which company is made in all this information.

Dear friends, you can generate any QR code for business or services from this application yourself. You can also run your own business very easily with the help of this QR Code generator. That will make the transaction of money in your business easy.

Friends, if you liked or if you will get any benefit from this application, then you use it and you should inform your friends and family members about it so that they too can know the quality of each product and its right price, and also all the information about that product. Friends, this application is absolutely free, you do not have to drink any money to run it whenever you want to use it. And I also use it myself.

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