How to Set 4D Parallax Wallpaper in any android mobile phones


New 4D Parallax Wallpaper For All Android Mobile

Friends, in this blog post of today, I am going to tell you about a 4D Parallax wallpaper that is quite good and attractive. If you put this 4D parallax wallpaper on your mobile. So believe that whoever will see this wallpaper on your mobile, he will definitely ask you, friend, how did you apply this wallpaper to your mobile, please tell me about this app too Tell me Why friends, I liked this wallpaper so much that I have installed this app in all my mobile phones, so I thought you should also tell about it, so friends, let me tell you further how to install this app. And how you can set this wallpaper on your mobile.

So, friends, let’s learn how this app works:

Step 01. So friends, to install this app and to set this wallpaper on your mobile, first of all, you have to do one thing.

Step 02. You will have to open Google Playstore on your mobile and it will be a search bar at the top, it will have to search Parallax वॉलपेपर wallpaper.

Step 03. If you try many applications in front of you after searching, then you do not have to be confused at all.

Step 04. Because I have given you a photo of that app under this post so that you can easily find out what the correct app angle is.

Step 05. So now when you know which is the right app, then you have to install it on the mobile.

After installing: – After installing, you will get a lot of wallpapers in front of you, you can easily set any wallpaper you like from those wallpapers on your mobile. But before setting, you will be asked for some permissions, then you have to give those permissions, after that you can very easily use this app on your mobile.