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How to set face lock in android mobile phone

How to set face lock in android mobile phone
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Friends, nowadays, we all use the lock in our mobile but as you all know that PIN lock, password lock, or pattern lock are all old, then now is the time to install a new way in your mobile. So friends, in today’s post, I am going to tell you about the face lock. A face lock is a lock that will not open your mobile lock until you see your face on your mobile.

So friends, as you all know that we all have our own faces. And we all are known because of our face, so friends, this crop has been created so that we can lock our face in our mobile and no one except us can open our mobile lock because we all have our There is a different face.

So friends, let me tell you how you can use this method and put this lock in your mobile, friends, first of all, you will need an app to put this trick in your mobile, If you have to keep that app on mobile, your mobile will not open without your face, first of all, tell us how to take that app in your mobile.

So friends, let’s tell you how to take this app on mobile, friends, first of all, to take this app, you have to open the Google Play Store on your mobile as soon as you open the Play Store on your mobile in front of you. Sometimes all mobile apps come as you know, so now tell you How can you find that face lock app in your mobile, then, first of all, you have to select the search option above to take the app, as soon as you select that search option, you asked for your name. If you go there, you have to write the name Face Lock.

As soon as you search by writing Fasalok, friends will try a lot of apps in front of you related to face lock but as you know that all the options do not reduce well in the mobile, so if you have chosen the right app then friends Before choosing, look at the app and read a little about the app that has been taken in the most mobile or the one with good comments will take the same app in your mobile-only then that app will work correctly in your mobile.

So friends, when you see everything well after that, the app that you like the most, take the app in your mobile, after taking it in your mobile, you will be asked for some permissions, within this app, you have to give all permissions. It is due to which you will be able to open the app on mobile in a good way, once you give all the permissions, then you have to heat on start and open this app on mobile.

Friends, after opening this app on the mobile, you have to go to the settings first, after going into the settings you will get an option of face lock, then you have to select the face lock as soon as you select Face L9a to show you your face. If you are asked to look in your mobile then look in the mobile, then it will select your face automatically, after that you have to set it as soon as you make this setting in your mobile, then lock your mobile once. Have to open

So friends, as soon as you lock your mobile back and open this lock will be set in your mobile, now whenever you unlock your mobile, you have to show your face as soon as you show your face your mobile will open. So, friends, this was the method by which you can put a face lock on your mobile.

So, friends, I hope that you have liked this mobile lock trick, then friends, if you have liked this method, please like this post and do not forget to follow us for such new technology related posts.

Note:- Diet, I hope that you have read this post in a good way because friends cannot read this post on your mobile until you understand this post in a good way, so this post is good Kindly read friends, in this post-Hajman has told you to step by step how you can put face lock in your mobile easily, then friends please apply this method in your mobile-only after reading the post well.

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