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How to set fingerprint lock on android phones

How to set fingerprint lock on android phones
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Friends, fingerprint lock system ever since Everyone wants us to put fingerprint lock in our mobile phones. After the introduction of fingerprint lock, many mobile companies started offering fingerprint lock feature in their mobile, but even today, there are many people who do not have more expensive mobile phones and do not have fingerprint lock in their mobiles. But still, if you want to install a fingerprint lock on your mobile, then you can easily install it. For that, You will need to keep an app on your mobile phone which carries the fingerprint lock feature. Now, how to do all this and how you can put fingerprint lock in your mobile will tell everything in today’s post. So friends, first of all, you have to keep a small app on your mobile, due to which you can easily install fingerprint lock in your mobile.

Follow the steps:-

Step 01:- To install friends fingerprint lock in your mobile, you have to open the PlayStore on your mobile.

Step 02:- After opening the Playstore, you will find an option at the top of the Playstore to open the search bar from it.

Step 03:- After opening the search bar, you have to search their fingerprint lock.

Step 04:- After searching, you will find many applications in front of you, so you have to choose the first application.

Step 05:- After doing this you can easily take that app on your mobile.

After taking the app on mobile.

Step 01:- After taking the app on mobile, you have to open it.

Step 02:- After opening, you have to give some permissions to that app.

Step 03:- As soon as you give all the permissions to that app, the fingerprint lock will start working on your mobile.

Note: Friends, before applying this trick on your mobile, you should read this post thoroughly. Is Because in this post I have explained everything to you how to take this fingerprint lock app in your mobile, how to set it up, and how to process it. So friends, read the post thoroughly before using this trick.

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