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How to take a DSLR like photo from a mobile camera

How to take a DSLR like photo from a mobile camera
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Friends, we all take photos of the mobile phone. But our mobile camera is not as good as a good photo comes from a room and we all want that our photo is taken from a good room, friends, in today’s post, I brought some such ways for you people. Because of this, you can take photos of very good quality. Friends like you People will know that the higher the megapixel of the room, the better the photo can be taken, and friends, you know that the megapixel of the mobile room is not much, and there are many mobile companies who do medicine that this mobile Megapixel is more but the megapixel of that mobile camera is not that much.

Now, friends, I want to tell you something about the Dussler room, why such a good photo is taken with the Dussler camera. Friends, the quality of the DSLR camera is quite good. And the quality of any photos or videos taken with a Dussler camera is also very good. You must have also seen many times that the pictures taken by the DSLR

It so blurs that the photo looks even better. So friends, let’s learn how you can take a photo like a DSLR from a mobile.

So, friends, you can adopt two ways to use this trick. The first way is that you can draw any photo from your mobile and blur it and make it like a photo taken with a DSLR This was the first way, now I tell you the second way, due to which you can take a photo like a DSLR completely, then friends, you will need an app to take such a photo, due to which you can take a photo like a DSLR camera. Can pull from mobile.

So friends, let’s learn how to take that app on your mobile and how you can take a good photo.

Follow the steps:-

Step 01:- So friends, first of all, you need to have a DSLR app on your mobile.

Step 02:- For that you first open the play store on your mobile

Step 03:- After opening the Play Store, you will get a search option on the corner side above.

Step 04:- By searching for that search option, you have to open it.

Step 05:- After opening the search then you have to search DSLR.

Step 06:- After searching so much, you will try many apps in front of you, if you do not understand that you have to take an app like an angle.

Step 07:- First of all take the app on your mobile, after taking the app on mobile.

Friends, once you try this app on your mobile, you have to open this pap on the mobile, after opening, you will be asked for some permissions in this app, then you have to give those permissions, after giving the permission, you will get the option of start. So you have to start by meditating on start. As soon as you start your mobile camera will open and you have to take a photo from the room after that.

After taking the photo, you will get the option to save and delete, so if the photo looks perfect to you, then you have to save that photo in the mobile, as soon as you save the photo, you will get an edit option, then the same as the edit But you will get the option of a blur, you will get the option of a blur, then your photo will be completely blurred. So, friends, I like that you must have liked this method.

Note: Friends, before using this trick, you must read this entire post thoroughly, because we have told you in this post how you can take a photo like Dussler from your mobile, so without posting Do not try to use this trick, this trick may not work, so read this and understand it well only then use this trick.

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