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How to use calculator vault app Android mobile phones

How to use calculator vault app Android mobile phones
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Friends, nowadays we all have some personal data which we want to keep hidden in our mobile, but how do we hide our gift in our mobile, many times it happens that we hide our gift from our own You disappear that so all these things we are troubled that what is the way that we can easily hide our data in our secure mobile.

How to hide photos, videos, document & files in calculator vault

Friends, have you ever thought that you can hide your personal data in a calculator, now you are wondering how this can happen, how can we hide any data in our calculator, that is only used for calculating. So, friends, I want to tell everyone a trick, due to which you can easily hide your personal data with the help of a calculator on your mobile, so let’s learn this trick on your mobile.

How do I get my pictures back from the calculator vault?

So friends, before hiding your data in this calculator vault, we learn that if we have our photos, videos in the calculator vault So friends, first of all, you have to open that calculator vault app to get those data back, after that, you have to enter that password in that app, that means you have to enter the number you have set in the calculator vault app. As soon as you open this app by entering the password, you will find all the data there. Now if you want to restore that data, then you will also get a restore option, due to which you can hide the data in your calculator vault app. Can get back

Is the calculator Vault app safe?

Friends, till now we were talking about how you can take back the data hidden in your calculator vault, but friends, you must also be wondering if this calculator vault app is safe, friends now tell you that this app If is safe or not, friends, if you use this app properly in your mobile, then this app is 100% safe.

So friends, if you want to learn how to use this calculator app in the right way, then by watching our video properly, understand how to use the calculator app.

How do I hide apps on my calculator vault?

So friends now tell you how you can hide your mobile app in the calculator vault app, so friends like you hide your photos, videos or any data in your mobile, in the same way, you can also hide your mobile apps Hide your calculator in the vault app.

So, friends, I hope that you will be satisfied with the information given by me, friends, if you have liked all this information, then please like this post and share it with all your friends. Thank you.

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