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If you use Video players in your mobile you should know this trick

If you use Video players in your mobile you should know this trick
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Friends, we all use the video players app in our mobiles, because you also know that without any video player app, we cannot play any video in our mobiles, so friends, in this post today I am going to tell some ways that you can play any video in mobile, as well as some such settings that you will be very easy to play videos.

So, friends, you must be thinking that we can play videos from any video player, so what is special about it? So friends, let me tell you that with this you can play both video and audio simultaneously, meaning that the video will play someone else and the music that will be on it will be heard separately. So, friends, you must be wondering how this will happen.

First of all, I can tell you that when we need it, friends, it happens to us very often that we are watching a video whose voice we do not want anyone to listen to other than us, in such a situation we will get this trick Have to be used. So now you must be thinking that we can use the earphone too, friends, you can do it at all, but many times it happens to us that we are traveling somewhere. And at that time the earphone is not available to us and how can we watch the video in that case.

So, friends, that is why I have come for you by taking such a method, due to which you can easily play any other video and audio on your mobile at the same time, so friends, now let us show you about that trick Let us tell you how you can use this trick in your mobile. So friends, to use this trick, it is very important to have this video player in your mobile-first, so let’s tell you how to do all this.

Follow the steps:-

Step 01:- Friends, first of all, it is very important to have a play store in your mobile to take this video player on your mobile, which happens to all of us.

Step 02:- So friends, first of all, you have to open the play store in your mobile.

Step 03:- After opening the play store, you will get a search bar option at the top, then you have to tap on it.

Step 04:- Search bar will open as soon as you press on the search bar, after that you have to write in the search bar, all the video player has to write.

Step 05:- As soon as you write the name of this app, you can search it very easily.

Step 06:- After searching, this app of all video players will come in front of you, then you have to take this app on mobile.

After taking the app on mobile:-

Step 01:- Friends, once you try this app on your mobile, then open this app.

Step 02:- After opening the app, you have to make some settings in this app, friends, due to which you can play both audio and video at the same time.

Step 03:- Friends, as soon as you open this app on your mobile, if you are asked for some permissions, then you have to allow all the permissions.

Step 04:- After allowing the permissions, you will see all the audio and videos in this app.

Step 05:- Now you have to open the settings of this app, after going into the settings you will get a lot of options.

Step 06:- First of all, you will have an option of the player to go into it, after going into it you will get an option of Audio and Video Both player.

After doing this, when you play the video on your mobile, you can play both video and audio at the same time very easily. So, friends, I hope that you will be satisfied with the information given to me, so if you have liked the information given by this post, please write this post and follow us.

Note:- Friends, I hope that you have read this post well and I have understood the trick that you have understood, because if you use this post without reading it well or without understanding it is possible. If this trick does not work on your mobile, then friends, keep in mind that after reading and understanding this post well, you have used this trick on your mobile, thank you for giving your precious time.

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