Look at the passbook of any bank in mobile and also update it


Look at the passbook of any bank in mobile and also update it.

Friends, in this post today, I am going to learn such a trick from which you can easily see the passbook or bank account balance of any bank in your mobile. Yes, friends, you are very welcome in the blog section of Technical Baba Nitya, Friends, I loved this trick, so I thought that I should write a post on this trick for you guys, so friends, you learn this trick, I tell you that Trick how you can use in your mobile too, so let’s learn.

So, how does this trick work in our mobile:- So friends, now a lot of you are just thinking that how can we do all this, then friends, I should tell you that this application will be registered mobile number of your bank Works by Just like when you have opened your own bank account in any bank, then you must have given your mobile number in the bank at that time. By that same mobile number, you can see your passbook in your mobile.

Follow these steps: –

Step 1. So my dear friends, to use this trick, you must first install an application on your mobile.

Step 2. So for that, you must first open the Playstore on mobile.

Step 3. After that, you will get a search bar option at the top of the play store.

Step 4. That you have to search all bank passbook. Now you may be thinking how do we know which is the right application.

Step 5. So, friends, I have given the photo of that application in this post, see below.

Step 6. This is the photo of the application that you are seeing, you just have to install it.

Step 7. After that, you can use this trick very easily on your mobile.