Mobile Lock best trick 2020


Hello friends Hello, Today’s post is based on a very exciting trick. If you like Syed a lot, then firstly you are very welcome. Friends, on this new post of Technical Baba, we are going to tell you in this video today. How can you put a beautiful looking emoji on the lock screen of your mobile? Friends, believe me, this trick is going to be liked by you a lot, so let’s tell you how this trick works and what you need to do for it.

How this trick works: –

So friends, to use this trick, you must first download an application in your mobile phone. Whose name is Always On Almond, then friends, know how to download this application and how do you know it? You will find this application easily on the Play Store. For this, you have to open the Play Store in your mobile and in the truth bar at the top, you have to search in the search Always On Almond, after that click on the application which will appear at the top.

After the application is installed: –

Step 1. Once the application is installed on your phone, first you have to give some permission to that application.

Step 2. After giving permission, 4 types of themes will come in front of you. You have to select the theme you like.

Step 3. After selecting, you can preview that theme and see how your theme looks on the lock screen of your mobile.

Step 4. Then when you like that theme completely, you can easily set that theme by clicking on Apply.


APP LINK:- Always on Almond


Friends, this application is very simple and very low MB, so I would advise you to download this application once you click on the link given below. And if you like this post, then please share this post as much as possible and follow our website and yes, please subscribe to our YouTube channel named Technical Baba. One of your writing will give us more encouragement that we will keep bringing new posts related to technology for you every day.