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Very Useful New Mobile App for all Android users 2021

Very Useful New Mobile App for all Android users 2021
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Hello guys how are you all today? Friends, today we are going to tell you about an app that people will go crazy to take on mobile. Friends, all of us want that every day we get to see something new, and at the same time, our work can be done very easily without any problems. So today I am going to tell you about such an app. This will save you precious time, as well as your mobile will look very beautiful. You all know that nowadays everyone has an Android phone, friends, the question is now arising in the minds of all of you how to take it in mobile, and how and what settings will have to be made. So, friends, we will tell you to step by step.

Friends, in this video of today I am going to tell you about the very best and very good application, so friends, let us tell you about this application, friends, first of all, you will be given the link to this app in your mobile phone. Have to take it. After that, we have to go to the screen of our mobile phone, friends, here is the application, it has to be opened first, now you can see that this application has been opened in front of us, friends can now see that there is a Toggle floating bar at the bottom. But after ticking you have to enable the Toggle flossing bar here, then you have to allow it and then after returning, you have to go to the open settings, then friends permit drawing over other apps, You have to enable this too, after enabling friends, you have to come back again, after that friend you have to go to the settings and tick the settings.

Friends, then you have to see it there. That it is not on, after all the things are on, you will find items in the friends below. By ticking the item, friends, select any application in your phone that you have more work like if you have more work on WhatsApp, then tick it on plus, if you have more work on silken, then select it too. Take.

Friends, if you select any app which is more useful, then friends, if you close this application. So a floating bar will come on your screen and if we tick it then all these applications will open in front of us directly. Friends, we can see all the applications we have selected directly by opening it here, friends, if we want to WhatsApp, we will close the application form here and go to the screen, then you can see here that the floating bar here Here we can direct WhatsApp on from here friends, this is a very good and easy way.

Friends, you do not need to do much for this, just you will have to do some small pearl settings and set it. And we do not need to find the application that we need more, we set it very easily Friends, we use it ourselves and you also use it, you do not have to charge any money to use it and this is the place where you have to pay money to use it, friends, this app is completely free. You can use it whenever you want and friends will use this app, you will also save money. Friends, 99% of people will not know about it, we want you to know and learn about it. .It is a very good trick.

Friends, now we talk about comments, very good comments are also made on this application and how many people also like it.

Friends, if you liked this application, if it works on your mobile, then you will have to watch our video till the last and you should tell to your friends or any family member about it and you should definitely share it so that we all For this, keep bringing this kind of video or post, friends, I found it very good and fun, how do you like this app, please tell us by commenting.

Thank you

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