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what is the best way to save phone battery?

what is the best way to save phone battery?
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Friends, we all use mobiles, but most of us are overpowered by our mobile battery performance because our mobile batteries are depleted very quickly, friends, this post today is on top of this topic that we How can we increase the battery performance and at the same time I am going to tell you some settings and tricks that will make your mobile battery last longer, then friends, let us give you step by step whole process.

How do I permanently save battery saver?

So friends, to save the battery, you have to first turn off some settings in your mobile, because our mobile has some features that use our mobile’s battery the most, so first of all, let’s start with the settings that the most Which feature of our mobile uses more battery, Friends, for this you have to first open the settings in your mobile, now friends, we will run Directly in the Manage Apps and Settings, in whatever settings of your mobile you have the option of app management Get it open.

Best battery saving trick, settings, and update 2021

Now, friends, you will find all the apps of your mobile in the apps manager, there you will now select the apps which you use the least, because friends so often that we use an app So do not, but that app is in our mobile and it keeps running in the automatic background and uses both our internet and battery, so I want to tell you a way that if you want to use that app less or Then do not use that app, then remove that app from your mobile-first, this will save both your internet and battery.

what is the maximum way to save battery capacity?

Now friends, if you want to keep that app on the mobile as well and also want that app to not use your mobile internet or battery, then for that you will have to first go to that app’s settings. There you will get the option of app permissions, then you have to open the app permissions, as soon as you open the app permissions then you will get an option of battery and data usage there, then you have to turn that option off first. Now your mobile battery or data will not be able to use anything.

Which is the best battery saving app 2021

Now, friends, it has become a matter of setting, now you tell me about an app that if you keep it in your mobile phone then the battery of your mobile will be very good, your battery will last for a long time. So friends, for this you have to take that app in your mobile-first, then friends, to take this app, first open the Play Store in mobile, as soon as you open the Play Store in your mobile, now you will find the search given above Open the bar and write it there, and search the battery morning and as soon as you search, this app will try on the first number in your mobile, then you have to take this app in mobile.

How to use battery-saving apps on mobile?

Now, friends from whom you will take this app in your mobile, you have to open this app, after opening the app, you will be asked for some permissions in this app, then you have to give all the permissions here as soon as you If you give all the permissions, then this app will be fully opened in your mobile, now friends, as soon as you open the app, you have to first choose the option of battery saver and enable it as soon as you make this setting, then now automatic Your mobile battery will start saving because it is a good trick, I use it myself.

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