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WhatsApp Best Online Setting Trick 2021

WhatsApp Best Online Setting Trick 2021
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How do I make my WhatsApp private?

Hello Friends, Friends, it happens to us very often that we are chatting with someone on WhatsApp and our WhatsApp appears online at that time, then there are a lot of friends who live online on WhatsApp. But do not want to see yourself online.

How do I change WhatsApp settings on my iPhone?

So friends, this trick today is on top of how you can show yourself offline by being online on WhatsApp. Want and can show someone offline.

What does about mean in WhatsApp settings?

So friends, let us teach you in this post today, this setting of WhatsApp that you can do offline and online settings, friends, first of all, you have to take WhatsApp on your mobile if you do not use WhatsApp or an updated version of WhatsApp. You have to keep it on your mobile because you will see this setting only in the updated version of WhatsApp.

How do I know my best WhatsApp setting?

So friends, if you do not know how to update your WhatsApp, friends first tell you how to update your WhatsApp, then friends tell you the easiest way that you can update your WhatsApp very easily. is.

Is WhatsApp secure and private?

So friends, in order to update your WhatsApp, you have to open the Play Store in your mobile-first, Friends Play Store is in all of our mobile phones from where we take an app in our mobile, then friends as soon as you are on the mobile Open the play store, you will get the option of the search bar at the top, then you have to open the search bar first.

What does about mean in WhatsApp settings?

After opening the search bar, all you have to do is search by typing WhatsApp, as soon as you search WhatsApp there, you will get WhatsApp Messenger in front of you. As soon as WhatsApp is displayed in front of you, you will get the option of update. Now you have to heat the update. As soon as you update, you have to open WhatsApp.

How do I change default WhatsApp settings?

Now friends, when you open WhatsApp, you will get a very new and updated setting.
So friends, let me tell you now how you can do online settings in your WhatsApp, so friends, now let us tell you about those settings.

Can you watch a WhatsApp story without them knowing?

So friends, first of all, you have to open WhatsApp setting, WhatsApp setting, you will find three dots in the right side corner, you have to heat it, after dripping, you will get the option of the bottom setting, then you have to open the settings now friends like If the opening is open in front of you, you will get the option of an account, then you have to open it by heating the account section.

Does WhatsApp Web work when the phone is far away?

As soon as friends heat up the account you will get a privacy option there, then you have to open the privacy setting. Now after opening the privacy setting, you will get an online option as soon as you go to the online section there you will find three options will be available, you will get the first option, everyone can now see you online in this option.

You will get the second option only, then those who are in your contact will be able to see you online, now you will get the last option on the third side. This is the best setting, so friends, I hope that you will be satisfied with the information received from this post and you will have liked this post.

Note:- Friends, I hope that you have read this post well and have understood all the settings, because in this post we have explained everything to you step by step, so after reading the post well Only do a setting on your mobile. Thank you

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