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WhatsApp New Privacy Policy Update 2021

WhatsApp New Privacy Policy Update 2021
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Friends, all of you will know that WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy and to send these updates, you will be given a notification on your WhatsApp repeatedly, which will be asked to Agree and Dot I will give you Tell me that you have to accept this privacy policy before 8 February or else your WhatsApp will not go ahead.

What is the new WhatsApp Privacy Policy 2021?

So friends now tell you what is the new privacy policy of 2021 and why is it being given to you, friends! We go and before joining that company or in order to stay connected, we have to follow those rules and regulations and that is what we call the privacy policy.

So, friends, WhatsApp has also changed some of its rules, such as to strengthen our security more or to meet us with some more new features and programs Friends, when you first decided to WhatsApp You must have seen that on our mobile, there were not many features in it, we could just send mushrooms and share photos videos.

But friends, if you talk about today’s WhatsApp, you get a lot of features in WhatsApp, such as you can easily share your location with anyone, you can apply for your status on WhatsApp, you can share your contacts, then friends You are getting all the features in WhatsApp today because you have updated both the privacy policy and WhatsApp of your WhatsApp.

Is the New WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update is Safe?

So friends, now we talk about why it is safe for us to accept the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, Friends, first of all, I want to tell you one thing that no company will make its privacy policy against its customers. If you or I have trouble running WhatsApp, then why should we use WhatsApp? If you think yourself then friends, whatever privacy policy WhatsApp has created will be made for our good.

Friends, the privacy policy that is made promotes our security, our security is also stronger and we feel safe and secure while using it and we get a lot of new features and updates, so friends, the new privacy of this WhatsApp You can Agree on policy 2021

Why Must Agree on WhatsApp Privacy Policy before 8 February?

So friends now talk about why it is necessary to sign this privacy policy before 8 February and what will happen if we do not do so.

So friends, first of all, I want to tell you one thing that when any company updates its privacy policy, then it also sets a time limit along with it and that is because all our users are in our privacy policy. Underuse our product. Similarly, WhatsApp has also given you time to update your privacy policy which is till 8 February and you have to Agree on this privacy policy before this date.

What happened if I do not agree to the new WhatsApp Privacy Policy update before 8 February?

So friends, now let you know that if you do not update your privacy policy before 8 February, then there will be QA, then the man of friends judges told you that any company will update its privacy policy as well as its L The deadline also sets the same way, WhatsApp has also set a deadline which is

8 February and before this, no one who did not Agree on this privacy policy in his WhatsApp will be banded to WhatsApp, according to WhatsApp.

So, friends, I hope that you will be satisfied with this information given by me, friends, if you liked this post, then please like this post and do not forget to follow us at all and for posts related to similar new technology. We must also follow. Thank you

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