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Your mobile will never be busy on a call

Your mobile will never be busy on a call
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Friends, how are you all today? Today we are going to tell you a trick that will be very helpful for you. Friends, this is such a trick if you talk to someone from your mobile phone for a long time, and a friend or a family member comes to your mobile, then your mobile is busy or the call starts coming if you want. It is not known to anyone. That your mobile is busy and you have been talking for a long time and you are asked that you were busy and you have to answer any questions.

So, friends, I used to stay busy on the call, so my friends or family used to call, then we were also asked where you were busy for so long, I was talking about many questions and I was tempted Used to answer all the questions and I also wanted to know that if we are busy on the call then no one knows and we can talk easily.

So friends today, we will tell you such a set of mobile so that your mobile will never tell busy or call waiting. So, friends, let me tell you the settings, if someone calls you, your mobile will not tell you, friends. Now you can teach a fun setting, friends, first of all, we have to go to the calls and there is three-point on the top side, tick on it. Then there will open options in front of you. There you have to go to the following setting. After tabbing on the setting, you will get two options: General setting and call setting and you have to tab on-call setting.

After tabbing on the friends call setting, there will be many options in front of you, but there you have to tab on the mobile network setting, here you can see that if you have two sims in your mobile if you want to activate the sim. You have to activate it, friends, you can see here that the call settings have come down again, tick on it, and after that four options will come. You have to tick on call forwarding, then friends have to tick on voice call setting, the reading setting is happening After reading setting, you will get some options there. Always forward, forward when busy, forward when unread, forward when unvisited.

Friends, you have to tab on forward when busy and after tabbing there, you will be asked for the number, then you can enter any wrong number hereafter the number is enabled, now friends, if your phone is ever busy then you have If you get a call, it will be said very easily that your phone is forwarded to another number and it will not be told that his phone is busy friends.

Friends, now you can talk to anyone and if a friend or family member calls at that time, then your mobile will not tell busy or call waiting and you can talk very easily and you do not need to listen to anyone. Will fall.

Friends, there is no need to get the apps from anywhere or from the google play store to run them. You can use it on your mobile for absolutely free. And you don’t have to charge anything to run it and you can use it whenever you want. Friends, if you have liked this setting, then you should also make the settings in your mobile as soon as possible so that you do not have to be diligent and you do not need to reply to the family member or friends and you can easily talk to whoever you want Can.

Friends, I would like to tell you that if I have told you this very useful trick, it is useful for you, this trick helps you any benefit, you must share this post with my friends or family members, Talkies More and more people can take advantage of the trick. I hope this trick will be very helpful for you and all your friends.

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